The name of organisaton The Republican unitary enterprise  “Vitebsk Center for standardization, metrology and certification”
Adress Str. Bohdan Khmelnytsky , 20, 210015 , Vitebsk
Contact information phone/fax: +375 212 42-68-04
UNP (taxpayer number) 300000224
OKPO 02568420
A payment account in BYN 3012115930010/933
A payment account in RUB 3012115930023/643
A payment account in USD 3012115930052/840
A payment account in EUR 3012115930078/978
Bank name Vitebsk regional direction No. 200   of Open Joint Stock Company

MFO (Inter-Branch Turnover) 153001369
Bank address Lenina Str., 26/2, 210602, Vitebsk