Information support

The Chief of the Department of information and computers

Solodkina Irina Vasilyevna
8 (0212) 42-67-03
building №2, cab.206

The specialists of the Department  of information and computers 

8 (0212) 42-67-03

The Department of information and computers offers the following services:

 Information support that includes:

-the extension of the right to use reference and search aids ( information retrieval system “Стандарт”, “Стройдокумент”);

- provision of information on the duration, cancel and replacement of TNLA and information on  technical conditions, registered in the National fund of TNLA of the Republic of Belarus;

-issue on loan TNLA;

-assistance in search of the specific TNLA;

  Application for information support (pdf)

The actualization of the fund of your organization:

-You will regularly receive changes (amendments), information on replacement (cancel) TNLA accordingly with the provided list;

-You will be informed about new additions of TNLA on your topic, information letters, orders of Gosstandart, etc.;

- All required information on issues of standardization  will be provided on your mail and phone requests;

- When appropriate, you can issue on loan available work copy of TNLA.

  Application for actualization of TNLA (pdf)

The extension of the official copies of TNLA

You can refer to the TNLA  acquisitionHERE

  Application for TNLA  acquisition (pdf)

You can send filled  Application for TNLA  acquisition 

of the prescribed form via email


Professional assistance in creation and maintenance of your fund of TNLA

-setting up fund of TNLA (including list TNLA in field of standardization in accordance with branch of industry);

 -audit of fund of TNLA in field of standardization.

  Application for audit of fund of TNLA (pdf)