The Testing Center

The Testing Center

Vozhgurov Alexander
8 (0212) 42-63-12
+375 33 316 85 59

The specialists of the Testing Center

8 (0212) 42-63-12

The Testing Center of the RUE ”Vitebsk CSMS” was founded on 01 January 2006 in the structure of the Division of state verification and metrological certification of a measuring instrument. As a result of reorganization the Testing Center  was   unbundled in separate division since 01 October 2012.

The quality of our services is based on:

- independence;

- competence;

- impartiality;

- objectivity;

- confidentiality.

The Testing Center is equipped for testing with necessary modern equipment and has a highly professional staff. The upgrading of material and technical basis and staff training is a work in progress.

The Testing Center meets the criteria of National accreditation system and complies with the requirements STB ISO/IEC 17025.

The testing Center is included in the Unified Registry of certification authorities and test laboratories (centers) of the Customs Union.

Accreditation certificate

No. BY/112 от 25.03.2008

Accreditation certificate

No. BY/112 от 10.06.2008

Our specialists are always ready to offer advice in testing  in accordance with scope of accreditation.