Chief of the certification department

Mikhalochkin Sergei  Nicolaevich
8 (0212) 42-67-34
building №2, cab.202

Uniform forms for declarations and certificates of conformity to the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union and rules of its registration.

The certification bodies of  RUE  “Vitebsk Center for standardization, metrology and certification” implement:

-          service quality certification;

-          product certification;

-          quality management system certification;

-          certification of works (services) in construction;

-          registration of declaration of conformity.

Additional services:

-Free methodical assistance in conformity attestation of domestic and foreign production.

-Giving opinions on possibility of organizations and self-employed to deliver  services in repair   motor vehicle and maintenance services.

-Giving written explanations of the conformity attestation of domestic and foreign production to organizations and to the Customs authorities.

- The preliminary assessment of the applicant organization’s management system before initial certified audit of the management system.

The specialists of the conformity assessment department have auditor’s certificates of competence and are competent to perform the works for attestation of the products conformity to the requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union:

ТR СU 004/2011 «On safety of low voltage equipment»;

ТR СU 005/2011 «On safety of packages»;

ТR СU 007/2011 «On safety of products, intended for children and adolescents»;

ТR СU 009/2011 «On safety of perfumes and cosmetics»;

ТR СU 010/2011 «On safety of machines and equipment»;

ТR СU 014/2011 «On safety of motor road»;

ТR СU 015/2011 «On safety of grain»;

ТR СU 017/2011 «On safety of light industry products»;

ТR СU 019/2011 «On safety of personal protective equipment»;

ТR СU 020/2011 «Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means»;

ТR СU 021/2011 «On safety of food products»;

ТR СU 022/2011 «Food products in terms of its marking»;

ТR СU 023/2011 «For juice products of fruits and vegetables»;

ТR СU 024/2011 «On oil and fat products»;

ТR СU 025/2011 «On safety of furniture»;

ТR СU 027/2012 «On safety of some specialized food products, including foods for dietary treatment and dietary preventive nutrition»;

ТR СU 029/2012 «Requirements for the safety of food additives, flavorings and technological aids»;

ТR СU 033/2013 «On safety of milk and dairy products»;

ТR СU 034/2013 «On safety of meat and meat products».

 to the requirements of Technical Regulations of The Republic Of Belarus:

ТR 2009/013/ВY  « Buildings and structures, building materials and products. Safety»;

ТR 2010/025/ВY  « Feeds and feed additives. Safety».


For this reason, the product and service certification body of  RUE  “Vitebsk Center for standardization, metrology and certification” delivers services of conformity attestation to the requirements of the aforementioned Technical Regulations.